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Create Your
Shul Website

With the click of a few buttons, you can launch a beautiful website for your Shul! The website will display your davening times & local zmanim, accept donations, give guests the ability to easily contact you and much more.

Automated Announcements

Set your Shul's davening schedule once in the admin dashboard and the tool will auto generate a weekly PDF with davening times and announcements ready to be sent out.

Accept & Track

Our platform comes with built in powerful credit card processing out of the box. You can easily accept donations in just a few minutes. We also offer state of the art member management tools, extensive reporting and an easy to use interface.

Created For Shuls.
By Shuls.


With the frustration of the free tools that were available and the high price tag of the advanced tools, the need for affordable, high quality Shul management software became apparent.

ShulSpace was carefully curated by combining the engineering prowess of Bitbean with the input of Shuls both large and small, from around the globe. 

Discover ShulSpace, an open sourced platform specifically created for Shuls, by Shuls.  From a state of the art website, to out of the box credit card processing, to donor management, ShulSpace is committed to bring affordable, cutting edge technology to Shuls everywhere.  

Accept Donations

Members can now donate online, leading to greater income.

Track Membership

Quickly see outstanding membership dues and full membership history.

Easy To Use

Cutting edge technology and state of the art user experience.

Detailed Reports

Get a 360 view of which campaigns or times of year are proforming best.

Stunning Website

With a stunning new website now your shul can also be on the web.

Advanced Integrations

We already integrate with leading software solutions such as Go Daven & BeeZee Systems with many more on the way.


Powered By SalesForce

Unleash the power of Salesforce for your Shul. Shulspace is a fully customizable platform that is built on Salesforce and designed for Shuls. 

Advanced Credit Card Integration

Reduce office work & save time and money with our advanced credit card integrations. No more having your payments on 3rd party platforms. Your members can make payments on your website and your records will automatically update. 

State Of The Art Website

Now your shul can have an up to date stunning website integrated with leading shul software. Your members can view Zmanim and stay informed of all your Shul functions. 

From our secretary to our members, everyone is delighted with the new system. We look forward to what tools ShulSpace will be launching in the future!
Rabbi Mordechai Yehuda Groner
Rosh Yeshiva - Yeshiva Ateres Shimon

Current Shuls

Yeshiva Ateres Shimon

When Ateres Shimon needed to upgrade their website and Shul Management software, they turned to the ShulSpace team to help them. Take a look below at their new site and maybe even enjoy a Shiur or two!





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Per item pricing available as well

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